16 Aug


Great for CloningRAINFOREST 36 PUMP MODEL delivers oxygen-rich solution across six net cups. Each cup holds 5 cuttings. This method offers faster and more reliable results than with traditional cloning methods. System includes a pump, net cups, medium and instructions. Nutrients not included. Measures 12″x12″ with a 3.5 gallon reservoir.
RAINFOREST 66 VORTEX SPRAYER MODEL This is the best cloner. These large systems deliver more oxygenated solution than the Rainforest 36 for the fastest and strongest root development possible. The units with the 6″ Grow cups can accommodate plants through maturity. Nutrients not included. Measures 24″ x 24″ including the 20 gallon reservoir.
RAINFOREST 318 VORTEX SPRAYER MODEL is the same unit as the 66, but with 18-3 inch cups for 18 plant sites.
RAINFOREST 242 VORTEX SPRAYER MODEL Same unit as the 66 but with 42-2 inch cups for 42 plant sites.
Interchangeable tops for the RAINFOREST VAPORIZER MODELS are available. Call.


H51301 Rainforest 36 – Pump $95.95 7 lb
H51401 Rainforest 66  – Vortex Sprayer 293.95 30 lb
H51501 Rainforest 318  – Vortex Sprayer 293.95 30 lb
H51701 Rainforest 242  – Vortex Sprayer 293.95 30 lb