16 Aug


WaterFarm, PowerGrower, ControllersWATERFARM In the Aquafarm tradition, but smaller, lighter and squared. It will grow small to large plants. Water Farms can be connected to a controller. The Water Farm is a “best buy” since it offers all the features of the former Aquafarm in a more compact design and without sacrificing performance. The system operates by injecting air through a venturi into the nutrient reservoir. The venturi action draws oxygen charged nutrients to a drip ring at the top of the unit. The drip ring trickles the nutrient down through the medium where it is then utilized by the plant. The excess nutrient passes back into the reservoir. Package includes: terra cotta 4 gal reservoir, 2 gal grow chamber, pumping column, drip ring, grommet, drain level tube, air pump, growrocks, florakit and instructions. Each unit measures 9 1/2″ x 9 1/2″ x 15 1/2″.
WATERFARM MODULE includes: 4 gal reservoir, 2 gal grow chamber, pumping column, drip ring and grommet.
POWER GROWER is a decorative version of the Waterfarm . It features an attractive design based upon an Italian clay pot. Comes with Grorox, growing chamber, and air-pump to drive the plants into a higher level of growth and yield. Power Grower is large enough to grow several small and medium size plants or one large plant. Great for dwarf Japanese Maples. Quick and easy to assemble, comes complete with growrocks and 1/4 lb Floramagic nutrient. Measures 15″ across by 15 1/2 ” tall.
CONTROLLER MODULES offer greater reservoir capacity for the Waterfarms. A series of units can be connected to a controller, offering an extra reservoir for supplying nutrient solution automatically to all the units. Decreases nutrient maintenance a lot.
STANDARD CONTROLLER can accommodate 8 Waterfarms. The system includes 13 gal reservoir with grommet, fittings and blue tubing, and an 8 gal controller with a float valve, 7 tees, 2 elbows and blue tubing.
TEXAS CONTROLLER can accommodate up to 16 farms. System includes a 20 gal reservoir with grommet, fittings, blue tubing and a 20 gal controller with float valve, 15 tees, 2 elbows and blue tubing.
WATERFARM – CONTROLLER 8 UNIT SYSTEM employs a series of 8 Waterfarms connected to a large 13 gal reservoir with an 8 gal controller. Powered by the GH Dual Diaphragm air pump with 4 individually adjustable outputs. Make sure you understand hydroponic systems before placing an order.


H53001 WaterFarm Complete $55.95 15 lb
H53101 WaterFarm Module Only 39.95 5 lb
H52401 Power Grower Complete 59.95 16 lb
H50001 Standard Controller  66.95 12 lb
H50101 Texas Controller  156.95 30 lb
H53015 WaterFarm 8 Unit System w/Controller 326.95 36 lb