16 Aug


A Greenfire RecommendationEUROGROWER SYSTEM is a great system that is easy to understand and use. “It’s almost like growing in soil, but with the power of hydroponics.”
This complete 8 planter system with a 40 gal reservoir utilizes an organic growing medium, coconut coir fiber. It can handle 8 large plants or 40 small plants.
EUROGROWER PLANTERS and DUTCH POTS are versatile containers specifically designed for commercial hydroponic applications. They have special drain water outlets that fit snugly into 1 1/2″ PVC pipe collector. The buckets have a highly effective internal drain water discharge system that completely drains so that the nutrient is constantly refreshed and any accumulation is prevented. Each planter measures 9″ x 12 ” x 10″. Easy to set up. Minimum order is 6 each. A suggested general soilless mix = 50% GrowCoir, 50% 4-8mm Hydroton.


H54201 EuroGrower 8 Container Sites $398.95 67 lb
H54001 EuroGrower  Planter  Beige 11.95 2 lb
H54101 Dutch Pot  Black 8.95 2 lb