16 Aug


VersatileCool Tubes offer the most compact & effective way to get bright light over, or in, your growing area. Due to their streamlined design, cooling airflow can move unimpeded, keeping the growing area temperatures lower. They are also excellent hanging vertically down into the plant canopy or for enclosed growth chambers. All models are Air-Coolable Ready and will adapt to 6″ ducting
& ActiveAir Systems. Available in 3 Models;
PREMIUM COOL TUBE imported from Europe features the highest quality materials & a 14″ 600 volt cord that will easily attach to any Hydrofarm
extension cord & ballast. Measures: 6″ diameter x 24 ” long. Wt: 6 lbs.
VALUE COOL TUBE made in China requires the attachment of a cord. Measures: 6 ” diameter x 19″ long. Wt: 5 lbs.
DUAL COOL TUBE a Quality North America made product is ideal for use over a 4’x 8′ flood table. Exclusive adjustable socket rings allow for various positioning of the bulbs anywhere in the tube. It also features a reflector that can be removed to use the tube vertically. It houses 2 -bulbs. Measures: 6″ diameter x 60″ long. Wt: 14 lbs.


L10604 Premium Cool Tube w/ 14″ cord $199.95 8 lb
L10603 Value Cool Tube cord sold separately 99.95 7 lb
L60401 Value Cool Tube 15′ cord 16.95 4 lb
L10605 Dual Cool Tube ( 2 lights) w/ reflector 439.95 16 lb