About Greenfire

Welcome to Greenfire – Your Innovative Gardening Supplier. With our incredible 12,000 sq ft of fully-stocked inventory, we are your One-Stop-Shop for year ’round indoor & outdoor gardening supplies. We feature all the best in hydroponics, organics, plant lighting, natural pest controls, advanced medias & much more. Greenfire was established in 1988 and was the original founder of the Hydro-Organics Method. Please visit and explore this extensive online web catalog; drop by our Chico or Sacramento, California showrooms; or call us at 1-800-895-8307 for a free catalog. 

Cloudburst Aeroponics System at work.

12,000 sq ft of fully-stocked inventory, ready for shipping.

The arbor garden at  our Sacramento showroom.

Dave and Alan rolling out a fresh batch of  fertilizer from our manufacturing plant.

In the evening, grow lights keep our plants  thriving.